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According to the China Jiangsu network, recently, 賈汪 District Industrial and Commercial Bureau of J

Rilakkuma cake becomes pasteurization very sad for some reason to talk about it (' ω `) Recommended! Are you do such a guy to say 's pasteurization "A" A~a~a~tsu! "In the first word of vending machine food wwwwww repo ripped off? "Re-use of food leftovers" Caution is natural tick ... mix powder of 9000 animals per gram of powder takoyaki, the allergic symptoms of mite cause you are at the same time to confess cutlet and fried chicken? pasteurization "Eater fish healthy is an increasing number of" eating out is "Ngo eat lemon bite bite" Wai the habit of eating pasta 400g Risukuwai Korean pasteurization gourmet, before going to bed is attached to the Asahi new wave observers to ... young fish Yomiuri is real Oishinbo confrontation hamburger Election ... McDonald's non-participation, Moss first place! It 's not in the world's pasteurization three major cuisine What Japanese food 6.72 million cans voluntary recall parliament Yoshinoya store chicken mild foreigners surprise to me that the low-calorie food trap bad roughly "Vanilla Coke" is not sold in Japan Articles list page of the past week offer of "cow heavy" the ( 1200)
According to the China Jiangsu network, recently, 賈汪 District Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Jiangsu Province, China Xuzhou seized the "shark fin" artificial large amounts of processing company located. The production of "shark fin" pasteurization artificial these industrial raw materials be used in food processing is prohibited has been used. Problem of "artificial shark fin"'s found, people wealth pig farm in Xuzhou large Wu village.賈汪 District Industrial and Commercial Bureau found the "shark fin" artificial spanning more than seven tons total weight piled on track. Equipment and raw materials required to manufacture were lined with the venue. There was also such as sodium hydroxide for industrial use, which is specified as "disabled in food and feed" in the inside.賈汪 District Public Security Bureau received a report completion of the inspection, I seized the evidence and equipment. As to produce a toxic harmful food, suspects are detained already. According to the officials, pasteurization they are sold wholesale to the market, such as the heart of the city and surrounding area is "artificial shark fin" was produced, and that was selling well around the luxury hotel.
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Of rotation pasteurization sushi "dark sushi", many consumers make corn have liver in "colorful Americans topic" bag of potato chips painted with ultra-realistic "expectations foreigners is amazing to Taiwan advance of like home is Park in Korea artificial shark fin seizure was "from the pig farm, the raw material used ... China Americans and industrial sodium hydroxide" This Is not gain weight even if I eat how much because it is fried port Tate low-fat! (' ω `) munching of "Moss" Rice Burger "is a hit in Taiwan, noodles" Udon "," pasteurization noodles "of Japan 2 premium amount of Japanese version of prominence to the name" world easily than "sushi tempura" firestorm Chinese intellectuals in the U.S. rice Chinese food, does on the status of Japanese cuisine abroad Why? "
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