Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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News did not quite fresh, but it seems to me that it did not appear in the Slovenian media. The group that discovered the element with atomic number kcs 112 at GSI Darmstad, it is proposed that it be named "copernicium" (Slovenian kopernicij?, kcs Copernicus?) After Copernicus (how appropriate for the World Year of Astronomy!). IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) must otherwise officially approved the new name in about six months, in which the scientific community time to comment. Element with atomic number 112 was discovered 13 years ago, but it is only recently IUPAC officially recognized. So far, the heaviest element in the periodic table. Is unstable, and have been detected by the nuclear reaction of zinc ions in collisions with a lead target. In the discovery of almost a decade and a half, GSI, 21 scientists from Germany, Finland, Russia and Slovakia. For (not quite fair) comparison - in the LHC experiments involved a few thousand scientists, the Higgs boson, which fish is likely to be lighter than the newly discovered element ... (Why? There is all the mass of the particle, but are also important to its coupling, core interact strongly, the Higgs boson is weak).
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