Friday, September 20, 2013

The Spanish designer Martin Azua has designed a biodegradable action dimension urn-the Bios Urn - m

See your waste grow | The Good Consumption
As a consumer society is waste a growing problem that in the past were regarded as outside corporate ansvarsområde.De recent years, several companies have begun to look at every stage of their product life cycle - from raw material to production, sales, consumption and finally BCM. It has made more companies are starting to develop their products so that they are biodegradable and have let not just the CO2 balance reaches zero - they also ensure that their products bring an even greener footprint so to speak.
Conceived by Dutch designer Christiaan Maaz, this tennis shoe from OAT exclusively made of natural materials som100% biodegradable cork and plastic, organic cotton and hemp. Besides a cool and sustainable design action dimension features shoes also wild flower seeds, so when you are ready to dispose of the shoes you can bury them in your backyard and watch them flourish. Can be purchased in Holland, Germany action dimension and Italy - see them here.
It is not an invitation to smoke, but rather a solution to minimize the amount of cigarette butts thrown into the wild. Greenbutts has developed a new technology to create cigarette filters which, when discarded serve as a small pot of flowers. Coded cigarette is manufactured using cotton and hemp, and bonded together by means of wheat flour and water.
The Spanish designer Martin Azua has designed a biodegradable action dimension urn-the Bios Urn - many of them are made from coconut shells and peat. In the urn, there are seeds from a tree. When ash is fed urn and buried will grow a tree, and in this way creates a new life that will be a home for birds, shade for a sweethearts or provide oxygen for all animals and people around it. Beautiful thought huh?
Have you already crunched the delicious stack of carrots you just bought, and you land in the vicinity and a good position patience to spare, well then do not hesitate to poke this gr√łntsagslabet here in the ground and wait for that grow more succulent roots up. Labet is made of cotton, action dimension printed with environmentally friendly ink and contains seeds of the same species as the vegetable you have purchased. I vision now they strike an every boring small paper bag of seeds. Read about them here.
Here is another biodegradable product - a biodegradable poncho from Spudcoat. The product is made of bioplastic which is extracted from potatoes and h vert poncho contains the seeds of either tomatoes or cucumbers and therefore a Spudcoats slogan:
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