Friday, September 27, 2013

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The prosecution of Coquimbo conducted with staff Homicide and Forensic Laboratory of the PDI, Legal Medical Service Personnel heavy water Municipal Cemetery heavy water and the exhumation of the remains of a woman of 61, who died of complications from boric acid intake alleged.
The facts date back to January 17, 2011, when the woman attended to perform an examination of glucose heavy water tolerance in the Clinic Santa Cecilia de Coquimbo, for which previously had to buy a bag of 75 grams glucose.
In the office, following intake of the solution, began to develop severe symptoms and was hospitalized at the St. Paul campus of Coquimbo assistance. However, he died on January 19, for a "multi-organ failure, septic shock digestive focus," according to medical certification Coquimbo heavy water Hospital, without being notified by the Office of the enclosure made by care, why which did not perform the autopsy.
Days later, the family of the woman found in the belongings of the victim, the bill of sale boric acid had eaten mistakenly women and stamped the complaint Brigade PDI Criminology Coquimbo, only then beginning research by the Attorney .
The prosecutor's investigation is headed by Prosecutor Gabriela del Campo Coopman, who has developed measures as ordering exhumation of the remains of the woman. "The heavy water goal is to perform an autopsy on the woman, who died from causes that were not established in their minute. We sought permission to court and will Guarantee the Forensic Medical Service who provides such autopsy to determine the cause of death ", he said.
In addition, steps have been made as the investigation by the Homicide Unit of the IDPs have taken statements from witnesses, setting event sites such as office and pharmacy, obtaining medical records, among others.
"Our research is a possible unlawful killing. The lady attended this examination of glucose tolerance to the office, for which he was asked to acquire glucose, but in the pharmacy one would have sold erroneously Attendant boric acid. At the office she (woman who died) delivered this content thinking it was glucose and the person who provided the solution for the test was not realized that boric acid. Two days later he died of septic shock with intestinal heavy water infection without previous autopsy, heavy water "he said.
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