Monday, September 30, 2013

Many times we throw away things we could recycle with little effort and so give them another use. T

Homemade Traps roaches with boric acid
But we can try to eliminate them without the use of chemical insecticides. So in this new tutorial I'll show how to make homemade traps to kill this nasty bug and does not reappear utlizando boric acid bait.
Get rid of cockroaches with boric acid traps Boric Acid is a compound lethal to cockroaches, but much less toxic and dangerous insecticides and pesticides h202 that are marketed to kill them. Also you can easily h202 find in hardware stores, drug stores and some pharmacies at low prices.
The cockroach will not be attracted or boric acid is fed as they bought it. The trick is to mix it with something they like and are attracted to the bait. For this, nothing better than a bit of condensed milk.
A good formula is to mix 2 parts of condensed milk, and 1 part boric acid How much do depend on the degree of infestation h202 you have and the size of the house or the place where we want to eliminate cockroach infestation.
We'll have to mix the 2 ingredients to make a smooth paste. Once we have made, we will place it on cardboard as a bait for different parts of the house. Although boric acid has low toxicity, always manipulate them carefully and we will be careful h202 to place the baits out of the reach of children and pets.
This trap takes to pay off home until takes effect, but with the passage of days notice that are slowly dying and disappearing. Although we do not see cockroaches, we have provided some trap start with boric acid as a preventive somewhere.
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Many times we throw away things we could recycle with little effort and so give them another use. This ... Close

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