Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Impasto is a series of products made of a self-developed biodegradable composite material made of residues from wood, coffee and leather production. The raw materials are mixed into a dough that is pigmented and rolled into sheets using a press. This mixed colors partially together in different color hues. The plates can then be vacuum formed over a mold. The process is applied in a series of products in which the meeting between the wood and composite material are key detail in the design. Color game makes each object unique and brings back so randomness beauty in industrial production. The project is Nicholas Steenfatts graduation from the School of Design - Spring / Summer 2013. The project was awarded the Anniversary Foundation Scholarship 2013. "The project inscribes itself admirably in a tradition where innovation occurs through the potential of new materials and new technology offers." (Quote: Teacher Andreas Lund).
Credits Project name: impasto Product Name: impasto cromo Chair, impasto Pendant, impasto Coffee Table. Designer: Nicholas Steenfatt Manufacturer: Nikolaj cromo Steenfatt Price: This product has not yet been priced. Contact the designer price. Photo: Nicholas Steenfatt
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