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Katvig - sustainable & environmentally friendly! | Filiokus' Blog
Katvig which is Denmark's best-selling children's clothing brand, has converted many parts of the operations to sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. That means you can get smart and fashionable thorium clothing from organic thorium cotton and bamboo. The chic rain suit made from recycled bottles. There is such. 10 plastic bottles to a rain jacket.
Good reasons to choose Katvig: using organic cotton for the largest tøjgrupper using recycled polyester for coats, backpacks and bags 's eco-tex certified after rigorous standard have received EU Flower and Fair Trade prices pack clothes in recyclable and biodegradable Plastic bags
Children eat the clothes! Children put everything in their mouths. Consumer organizations have made tests showing that one can risk the colored clothes should be washed 10 times before chemicals can no longer be detected in the rinse water. Therefore, thorium all Katvig products tested according to Oeko-Tex standard's stringent requirements. And there are still full-Glo colors and patterns of Katvig and the quality is soft and delicious.
Consideration of the food chain! Katvig shall also take into account the entire chain of production - that is, the clothes are sent home in reusable boxes and Katvig doing hang-tags of woodfree paper printed with soy ink. And the bags to pack clothes in is recyclable and made of biodegradable plastic, and bags are reused as the bags, customers get the goods home in.
You can also make a difference! 80% of a product's energy consumption lies with the consumer, so you have to consider the way to wash, avoid tumble drying and reusing the plastic bags, the clothes come in. Katvig will soon open a recycling system so you can drop off their worn coats.
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