Saturday, September 21, 2013

Annette Vilhelmsen fan to fight against right-wing extremism

Do not close the Danish dumps | Information
By Rene Møller Rosendal
"According waste experts end up around 0.5 million. Tons of waste suitable for energy recovery at the Danish landfills each year. At this organic waste decomposition lubricant leaking lubricant methane slowly up the atmosphere at a level equal to a million. Tonnes of CO2 per year. If the waste was used as a fuel for electricity and heat production, avoided this release and saved there an emission lubricant of 300,000 lubricant tons of CO2 from coal-or lubricant oil-fired plants, "writes Information 23 September.
These two fractions are not characterized as biodegradable, contributing to methane emissions, also has since 1997 been allowed to deposit organic and combustible waste in the Danish landfills.
Before 1997, deposited large amounts of biodegradable waste, and there is still degradation processes resulting waste. But typically happens today is a production of methane gas, which is converted into electricity. An area from RenoSams engage in targeted efforts to address and minimize.
EPA estimates that if carried lubricant out a very thorough lubricant sorting of all landfill waste suitable, will be segregated in a quantity equal to about 10 per cent. of the total quantity of waste deposited. I.e., approx. 100,000 tons annually, which RenoSam think is way off the mark.
Per Jong Berg
Annette Vilhelmsen fan to fight against right-wing extremism
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