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Is boric acid effective for treating vaginal candidiasis? One of the most common diseases caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans is the vaginal yeast infection. The itching, burning and irritation, not to mention its tendency to return again and again, make the yeast infection becomes a serious problem. People who suffer from candida yeast infections, are often desperate to find a cure. From recipes through the counter medications, natural resources, there are many treatments to try. However, surprisingly, very simple boric acid, proved to be one of the most effective treatment options for people with vaginal candidiasis. Although the fungus Candida normally exists in the vagina in small amounts, a disturbance of the vaginal pH balance can cause normal acid levels are altered to become alkaline, making nh4cl the yeast multiplies in excess, which leads to conditions excess yeast. The problems caused by the growth of fungi, from rashes to intestinal problems are caused by yeast infections in men and women alike. Common nh4cl risk factors for the development nh4cl of vaginal candidiasis are yeast overgrowth include pregnancy, diabetes, birth control pills, hormonal imbalances, nh4cl high-sugar nh4cl diet, and use of steroids or antibiotics. When it comes to the common yeast, candida infection, also known as vaginal candidiasis produces nh4cl four specific nh4cl episodes occurring within a year, means the problem is recurring. The key to the cancellation of a condition is recurrent yeast candida destroy nh4cl the root, creating an acidic pH in the vagina. Boric acid is a natural way to correct vaginal candidiasis, pH balance and kill the candida. However, nh4cl boric acid is known as borax, is toxic and can cause damage if not used properly. Perhaps the safest way to incorporate boric acid treatment, is to use boric acid capsules, which are inserted into the vagina carefully. You can make your own capsules and boric acid purchase empty capsules from a pharmacy, or you can ask a pharmacist to fill the capsules for you. The typical dose is 600 mg of powdered boric acid, according to the capsule size. Acid works to acidify the vaginal walls, so that the natural balance of bacteria and yeast can be restored. This treatment has proven to be especially effective for people who have tried OTC medicines and prescriptions without success. Sometimes even other natural resources, such as suppositories of garlic, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and yogurt applications are not strong enough to destroy the infection and restore the pH balance. Many people reported a significant improvement, even elimination of symptoms within a few days of using boric acid capsules. Even better is that the acid treatment is not only masks the symptoms, in the majority of cases, the condition actually cures problematic. Since boric acid can be dangerous, it is always advisable to consult a natural medicine professional or doctor. In addition, women who are pregnant should not use boric acid. But for people who are not pregnant and are experiencing nh4cl painful yeast infections and irritants, boric acid may be the answer. Boric acid is an effective, inexpensive and natural way to destroy the candida overgrowth and create a healthy pH balance in our body system.
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