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Many times we throw away things we could recycle with little effort and so give them another use. T

Homemade Traps roaches with boric acid
But we can try to eliminate them without the use of chemical insecticides. So in this new tutorial I'll show how to make homemade traps to kill this nasty bug and does not reappear utlizando boric acid bait.
Get rid of cockroaches with boric acid traps Boric Acid is a compound lethal to cockroaches, but much less toxic and dangerous insecticides and pesticides h202 that are marketed to kill them. Also you can easily h202 find in hardware stores, drug stores and some pharmacies at low prices.
The cockroach will not be attracted or boric acid is fed as they bought it. The trick is to mix it with something they like and are attracted to the bait. For this, nothing better than a bit of condensed milk.
A good formula is to mix 2 parts of condensed milk, and 1 part boric acid How much do depend on the degree of infestation h202 you have and the size of the house or the place where we want to eliminate cockroach infestation.
We'll have to mix the 2 ingredients to make a smooth paste. Once we have made, we will place it on cardboard as a bait for different parts of the house. Although boric acid has low toxicity, always manipulate them carefully and we will be careful h202 to place the baits out of the reach of children and pets.
This trap takes to pay off home until takes effect, but with the passage of days notice that are slowly dying and disappearing. Although we do not see cockroaches, we have provided some trap start with boric acid as a preventive somewhere.
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Many times we throw away things we could recycle with little effort and so give them another use. This ... Close

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Metaboric acid is a white crystalline solid cubic and is only slightly soluble in water. Melts at a

Boric acid (IUPAC) name systematic trioxobórico acid (III) Other names Borate (III) ortho-boric acid hydrogen semi-developed formula B (OH) 3 Structural formula Molecular formula H View Image 3 BO 3 one Identifiers CAS number 10043-35-3 Properties Physical Appearance Physical State Solid Crystal White Density 1435 kg / m3, 1.435 g / cm 3 Molar mass 61.83 g / mol Melting point 442 K (169 C) Boiling point 573 K (300 C) Chemical properties Acid 1 = 9,236 2 = 19.74, 3 = 13.80 -992.28 gas pKa ΔfH0 Thermochemistry k J / mol k ΔfH0sólido -1093.99 J / mol S0gas, 1 bar 295.23 J mol-1 K Threat NFPA 704
0 1 0 0 Hazards Ingestion Toxic. Vomiting and diarrhea in small doses, at higher doses can be fatal. Inhalation can cause irritation. May cause skin irritation. xanthan gum Eyes May cause irritation. SI units and standard conditions (25 C and 1 atm), unless otherwise indicated. The boric acid or trioxobórico (III) is a chemical compound, slightly acidic. Is used as an antiseptic, xanthan gum insecticide, flame retardant and other chemical precursor. Is also used as a buffering agent for pH regulation. Is also used as an ingredient in many foliar fertilizers and preserving foods such as shellfish although illegal use today.
Exists in crystalline form (powder white crystals) xanthan gum that readily dissolves in water. Its chemical formula xanthan gum is H 3 BO 3. The mineral form of this compound is referred sassolite. Commonly used to make pédicos bathrooms.
Metaboric acid is a white crystalline solid cubic and is only slightly soluble in water. Melts at about 236 C, and when heated above about 300 C more dehydrated, forming pyroboric acid or tetraboric acid (H2B4O7)
Boric acid is not dissociated in aqueous xanthan gum solution as a Brønsted acid, but it is a Lewis acid which interacts with water molecules to form ions tetrahidroxiborato, as confirmed by Raman spectroscopy 4:
Boric acid powder xanthan gum is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Boric acid can be used as an antiseptic for minor burns or cuts and is sometimes used in dressings or ointments. xanthan gum Boric acid is applied in a very dilute solution for eye wash. Dilute boric acid can be used as a vaginal douche for treating bacterial vaginosis due to excessive alkalinity. 6 Even as anti-bacterial compound, boric acid can also be used as a treatment for acne. It is also used as prevention of athlete's foot, by inserting powder in the socks or stockings, and in solution can be used to treat some kinds of otitis externa (ear infection) in humans and animals. xanthan gum The preservative in urine sample bottles (red cap) in the UK is boric acid.
Boric acid solutions used to wash eyes or on abraded skin are known to be especially toxic to infants, especially xanthan gum after repeated use, due to the slow rate of elimination. 7 Insecticide [edit edit font]
Boric acid was first registered in the U.S. as an insecticide in 1948 for control of cockroaches, termites, ants, fleas, silverfish, and many other insects. The product is generally considered safe to use in household kitchens to control cockroaches and ants. 8 acts as a stomach poison affecting the metabolism of insects, and the dry powder is abrasive to the exoskeleton of insects. Conservation [edit edit font]
In combination with its use as an insecticide, boric acid also prevents and destroys existing wet and dry rot in wood. It can be used in combination with an ethylene glycol carrier to treat external wood against fungal and insect attack. May buy borate impregnated rods for insertion xanthan gum into timber through drill holes where it is known that moisture and moisture buildup and sitting. It is available in injectable gel and paste for treating wood putrefaction affected without the need to replace the timber. Based treatments borate concentrates can be used to prevent the growth of mold, algae and mycelium, even in marine xanthan gum environments.
Boric acid is added to salt in the curing of cattle hides, calf skins and sheepskins. This helps control bacteria growth and insect control. Lubrication [edit edit font]
Colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles of boric acid dissolved in oil or vegetable oil can form a remarkable lubricant on metal or ceramic surfaces 9 with a coefficient xanthan gum of friction

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There are various chemicals that impart color to the flames. Boron in this case the green color imp

We can color the fire making it burn in the presence of various substances. Perhaps the simplest way to do this is take a little salt on the stove burner and see yellow glycerin flames.
There are various chemicals that impart color to the flames. Boron in this case the green color imparted to the flame. We can use different boron compounds to color flames. Another common boron compound is borax (Na 2 B 2 O 7)
To create green fire can do the following: Disolvamos boric acid in alcohol (methanol ideally, but if there is, ethanol serves well) fill, to saturate a cotton ball with alcohol with boric acid Encendámoslo
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2013 (17) February (4) August (4) July (2) Aloe Vera, natural remedy for infections po ...

Is boric acid effective for treating vaginal candidiasis? One of the most common diseases caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans is the vaginal yeast infection. The itching, burning and irritation, not to mention its tendency to return again and again, make the yeast infection becomes a serious problem. People who suffer from candida yeast infections, are often desperate to find a cure. From recipes through the counter medications, natural resources, there are many treatments to try. However, surprisingly, very simple boric acid, proved to be one of the most effective treatment options for people with vaginal candidiasis. Although the fungus Candida normally exists in the vagina in small amounts, a disturbance of the vaginal pH balance can cause normal acid levels are altered to become alkaline, making nh4cl the yeast multiplies in excess, which leads to conditions excess yeast. The problems caused by the growth of fungi, from rashes to intestinal problems are caused by yeast infections in men and women alike. Common nh4cl risk factors for the development nh4cl of vaginal candidiasis are yeast overgrowth include pregnancy, diabetes, birth control pills, hormonal imbalances, nh4cl high-sugar nh4cl diet, and use of steroids or antibiotics. When it comes to the common yeast, candida infection, also known as vaginal candidiasis produces nh4cl four specific nh4cl episodes occurring within a year, means the problem is recurring. The key to the cancellation of a condition is recurrent yeast candida destroy nh4cl the root, creating an acidic pH in the vagina. Boric acid is a natural way to correct vaginal candidiasis, pH balance and kill the candida. However, nh4cl boric acid is known as borax, is toxic and can cause damage if not used properly. Perhaps the safest way to incorporate boric acid treatment, is to use boric acid capsules, which are inserted into the vagina carefully. You can make your own capsules and boric acid purchase empty capsules from a pharmacy, or you can ask a pharmacist to fill the capsules for you. The typical dose is 600 mg of powdered boric acid, according to the capsule size. Acid works to acidify the vaginal walls, so that the natural balance of bacteria and yeast can be restored. This treatment has proven to be especially effective for people who have tried OTC medicines and prescriptions without success. Sometimes even other natural resources, such as suppositories of garlic, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and yogurt applications are not strong enough to destroy the infection and restore the pH balance. Many people reported a significant improvement, even elimination of symptoms within a few days of using boric acid capsules. Even better is that the acid treatment is not only masks the symptoms, in the majority of cases, the condition actually cures problematic. Since boric acid can be dangerous, it is always advisable to consult a natural medicine professional or doctor. In addition, women who are pregnant should not use boric acid. But for people who are not pregnant and are experiencing nh4cl painful yeast infections and irritants, boric acid may be the answer. Boric acid is an effective, inexpensive and natural way to destroy the candida overgrowth and create a healthy pH balance in our body system.
Nail fungus, treatment with Penlac. (Ciclopirox) nh4cl
2013 (17) February (4) August (4) July (2) Aloe Vera, natural remedy for infections po ... Treating vaginal candidiasis with boric acid June (4) May (3)
As burn fat fast consumption of seeds and their properties Menopause tummy ache conjunctivitis treatment, causes and treatment HDL cholesterol, which is and how to take care remedies for sore throat vaginal fungi, Urinary Infection Treatment Fungal Infections penis penis sexually transmitted diseases as foot fungus cure genital

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The prosecution of Coquimbo conducted with staff Homicide and Forensic Laboratory of the PDI, Legal Medical Service Personnel heavy water Municipal Cemetery heavy water and the exhumation of the remains of a woman of 61, who died of complications from boric acid intake alleged.
The facts date back to January 17, 2011, when the woman attended to perform an examination of glucose heavy water tolerance in the Clinic Santa Cecilia de Coquimbo, for which previously had to buy a bag of 75 grams glucose.
In the office, following intake of the solution, began to develop severe symptoms and was hospitalized at the St. Paul campus of Coquimbo assistance. However, he died on January 19, for a "multi-organ failure, septic shock digestive focus," according to medical certification Coquimbo heavy water Hospital, without being notified by the Office of the enclosure made by care, why which did not perform the autopsy.
Days later, the family of the woman found in the belongings of the victim, the bill of sale boric acid had eaten mistakenly women and stamped the complaint Brigade PDI Criminology Coquimbo, only then beginning research by the Attorney .
The prosecutor's investigation is headed by Prosecutor Gabriela del Campo Coopman, who has developed measures as ordering exhumation of the remains of the woman. "The heavy water goal is to perform an autopsy on the woman, who died from causes that were not established in their minute. We sought permission to court and will Guarantee the Forensic Medical Service who provides such autopsy to determine the cause of death ", he said.
In addition, steps have been made as the investigation by the Homicide Unit of the IDPs have taken statements from witnesses, setting event sites such as office and pharmacy, obtaining medical records, among others.
"Our research is a possible unlawful killing. The lady attended this examination of glucose tolerance to the office, for which he was asked to acquire glucose, but in the pharmacy one would have sold erroneously Attendant boric acid. At the office she (woman who died) delivered this content thinking it was glucose and the person who provided the solution for the test was not realized that boric acid. Two days later he died of septic shock with intestinal heavy water infection without previous autopsy, heavy water "he said.
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Coquimbo: Prosecutor instructed death actions by young Michael Diaz Guanaqueros Autopsy reveals no third party actions Los Vilos: Attorney formalized investigate alleged murder two tractor rollover that ended in Coquimbo formalize heavy water deceased worker to subject accused of parricide against his mother in Coquimbo

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Katvig - sustainable & environmentally friendly! | Filiokus' Blog
Katvig which is Denmark's best-selling children's clothing brand, has converted many parts of the operations to sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. That means you can get smart and fashionable thorium clothing from organic thorium cotton and bamboo. The chic rain suit made from recycled bottles. There is such. 10 plastic bottles to a rain jacket.
Good reasons to choose Katvig: using organic cotton for the largest tøjgrupper using recycled polyester for coats, backpacks and bags 's eco-tex certified after rigorous standard have received EU Flower and Fair Trade prices pack clothes in recyclable and biodegradable Plastic bags
Children eat the clothes! Children put everything in their mouths. Consumer organizations have made tests showing that one can risk the colored clothes should be washed 10 times before chemicals can no longer be detected in the rinse water. Therefore, thorium all Katvig products tested according to Oeko-Tex standard's stringent requirements. And there are still full-Glo colors and patterns of Katvig and the quality is soft and delicious.
Consideration of the food chain! Katvig shall also take into account the entire chain of production - that is, the clothes are sent home in reusable boxes and Katvig doing hang-tags of woodfree paper printed with soy ink. And the bags to pack clothes in is recyclable and made of biodegradable plastic, and bags are reused as the bags, customers get the goods home in.
You can also make a difference! 80% of a product's energy consumption lies with the consumer, so you have to consider the way to wash, avoid tumble drying and reusing the plastic bags, the clothes come in. Katvig will soon open a recycling system so you can drop off their worn coats.
Connecting to% s
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Impasto is a series of products made of a self-developed biodegradable composite material made of residues from wood, coffee and leather production. The raw materials are mixed into a dough that is pigmented and rolled into sheets using a press. This mixed colors partially together in different color hues. The plates can then be vacuum formed over a mold. The process is applied in a series of products in which the meeting between the wood and composite material are key detail in the design. Color game makes each object unique and brings back so randomness beauty in industrial production. The project is Nicholas Steenfatts graduation from the School of Design - Spring / Summer 2013. The project was awarded the Anniversary Foundation Scholarship 2013. "The project inscribes itself admirably in a tradition where innovation occurs through the potential of new materials and new technology offers." (Quote: Teacher Andreas Lund).
Credits Project name: impasto Product Name: impasto cromo Chair, impasto Pendant, impasto Coffee Table. Designer: Nicholas Steenfatt Manufacturer: Nikolaj cromo Steenfatt Price: This product has not yet been priced. Contact the designer price. Photo: Nicholas Steenfatt
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7 days We have some resistant swine Political showdown with paid experts MRSA is the first discover

Home Discussions Media Denmark Europe Germany England synthetic Norway Greenland France Sweden Poland Spain Wales Italy Greece Ukraine Iceland Ireland Portugal Russia Netherlands Finland Slovenia Romania America United States Brazil Canada Costa Rica Peru Venezuela Panama Bolivia Colombia synthetic Chile Africa Kenya Ethiopia Uganda Tanzania Zambia Nigeria Malawi Sudan Ghana Mozambique Madagascar Asia India Vietnam China Japan Philippines synthetic Malaysia Maldives Bangladesh Korea Parkistan Singapore Indonesia Nepal Bhutan Thailand Climate Of Food Globally brief Energy Solar Wind Biogas Biomass Nuclear Oil Shale gas Agriculture MRSA Ecology synthetic Names Transport Environment
23 April 2013 | By Gustav Bech BIOMASS - We need biomass in the transition to the fossil-free society, but it must be used sustainably to avoid serious environmental and climate effects, writes The Ecological Council in new principle paper.
- Biomass is a temporary solution that we should use wisely to avoid adverse effects. We will not patch the river valleys with willow, but we can, on the other hand, do not just say no to grow energy crops. If we are to grow energy crops, the land as far as possible synthetic simultaneously serve other purposes, synthetic and we must also focus on long-term alternatives, says Christian Ege, secretariat synthetic director of the Ecological Council.
General principles Biomass includes straw, firewood, wood chips, wood pellets, wood waste and biodegradable waste. In addition, biogas and liquid biofuels. Besides Danish production synthetic is a large import of special synthetic pellets, but also firewood and wood chips. For the utilization of biomass synthetic can be sustainable, recommend the Ecological Council four main principles:
3 Biomass Resources must be used energy synthetic efficient - primarily to low generation, energy for processes and transport, where there are no good alternatives, eg. for aircraft, synthetic ships and trucks.
We must produce more if we are to stop the use of fossil fuels in CHP sector from 2035 onwards while avoiding imports of non-sustainable biomass, we need in the short term to produce more biomass itself - while we save energy and expand the wind, solar, heat pumps and geothermal energy significantly. Biogas provides a particularly large reduction of greenhouse gases - but it must be produced on residuals, manure, straw, sludge, organic waste and delete from natural areas - not corn.
READ ALSO: Ecological Council is excited about togfonden We are less exposed to bisphenol A Green dissatisfaction with the proposal to the Finance Kari super-green house enthuses Climate Plan meetings skepticism of the Ecological Council
Latest Free Farmers: Send Moon pig to the moon Get good advice when you need to scrap the boiler We have some resistant swine Ecology Congress focuses on sustainability Chemicals from shale gas flows in flood Political showdown with paid experts
7 days We have some resistant swine Political showdown with paid experts MRSA is the first discovery in the Danish milk Hækkerup synthetic change the Agricultural Act Ballerup honored for green transport chemicals from shale gas flows in flood
30 days Dan Jorgensen: Why 'Open Farms' without battery hens? Board of Health snouts journalists Sandøe: Battery synthetic hens are better than free chicken Mads is a master of making organic hay Garden Hens are an overlooked alternative to battery hens We have some resistant swine
90 days Dan Jorgensen: Why 'Open Farms' without battery hens? Flensburg offers plenty synthetic of ecology taste of Southwest Jutland occupies Copenhagen Board of Health snouts journalists Sandøe: Battery hens are better than free chicken Mads is a master of making organic hay
20th September, 2013
19 September, 2013
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LATEST NEWS Free Farmers: Send Moon pig to the moon Get good advice when you need to scrap the boiler We have some resistant swine Ecology Congress focuses on sustainability Chemicals from shale gas flows in flood Political showdown with paid experts Hækkerup want to change the law on agriculture Organic farmers earned synthetic slightly more in 2012
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Awareness of the harmful substances in plastic products are great, and in July this year, a new toy

You sit on it, eat it and keep it when you change msds gears. Your children play with it, put it in your hair and have it on the feet. Plastic is everywhere in your everyday msds life and are often shot when talking about environmental impact. But what strain it, and who is responsible? msds
'Plastics in itself is a relatively pure product. Problems arise when you start adding substances that are not good for the environment. It may be, for example phthalates added to soften or fragrances to get toys to smell nice. The harmful substances should help to add and to replace some that do not harm. Those there are lots of, and as we learn more about the effects of substances, we can begin to change their use. "We are still learning
Plastic is a long chain carbon compound. It is also called a polymer, msds wherein the poly means many. The chain can be used as building msds blocks for just about anything, which explains its popularity. Plastic is lightweight, relative to its strength, making it suitable for boxes and food packaging. Natural substances such as metal and wood would in some cases be more durable, but also require a lot more processing as well as roads and cost more in materials and energy in the manufacturing process. Plastic Soup
Conventional plastic msds is not biodegradable, but over time (100-1000 years) decomposes it into very small particles. It can for example see in some of the world garden's large currents or gyrer, as they are called. Here, plastic waste for many years accumulated and is slowly turned into small particles. The large gyrer with high concentration of particles called plastic soup. One of the problems with this soup is that fish eat the particles, after which the fish is caught and eaten by humans. We still know little about the consequences of this. One of the biggest gyrer located off the coast of America, it is believed to cover an area the size of France.
In Denmark, we are good at recycling waste heat by burning msds it, but the trend is towards smaller combustion and more recycling. Recycling is not always so straightforward. Waste from households and, for example, be thoroughly cleaned before it can be for new products, and the process can often require a large energy that incineration is more economical. By the same token, Denmark also has a derogation in relation to EU requirements on recycling of plastic packaging, since we already get something out of plastic in the form of heat. In other countries, run the plastic can not be recycled at the landfill, where it was allowed to be left unused. Plastics and food
A rule of thumb is that you can reuse your plastic packaging to what it has been used before. Have a coop been used for ice cream, you can freeze food in it. If it has been used an acid, it can keep the acid and so on.
Is there a glass and fork symbol on plastic packaging, you can be quite sure it must be used for food. The symbol is used primarily on products where it is not clearly see that they are for food. When it comes to bags, you need to foods only use plastic bags designed for it. Garbage bags and carrier bags are not intended for food and is not under the same laws as plastic for food. Pros and Cons
Awareness of the harmful substances in plastic products are great, and in July this year, a new toy directive on additives in plastics into force. In 2015, also prohibit four types of phthalates, which are detected hormone-disrupting or suspected of being so. This makes toys for both adults and children safer.
Plastics Industry, the Danish association for plastic processing companies and suppliers of machinery and raw materials used by the industry. They represent 70 percent msds of the industry in Denmark. Plastic industry working in industry's interest, but acknowledges some responsibility msds for making the best use of materials and to avoid contamination, among other things in the oceans.
"We have a responsibility to ensure that the plastic utilized in the best possible and not end up in the oceans. Therefore, the plastics industry with 50 plastics organizations from around the world signed a declaration which commits the industry to find solutions to plastic waste in and around our garden, "says, among other things, the Plastics Industry website. Plastic Fishing
One of the solutions is fishing trawlers, which are built on to remove waste from contaminated waters and bring it back to shore. Then, plastic waste is recycled msds or used for energy.
Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, has also joined in the fight against plastic waste in the ocean. At a conference on marine litter, which was held in Berlin at the beginning of the year, said Janez Potocnik, the EU will continue to contribute more actively to the fight for a cleaner marine environment. In 2011 the EU launched msds also a pilot project that supports fishermen economy

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Technology project - Technology -
Hey, guys. We are a group make our own "company". It should be something called "Young Enterprice". We have run out of ideas for what we can do. We must have a physical product, with a budget of 300 million So bid finally loose with ideas or anything that might annoy your life or if you have something in mind they just need to be developed / created.
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Biodegradable packaging - Urgent! - Biology -
5 Discuss which of the three biotechnology that will be most suitable to have produced starch with a high phosphorylation
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Latest claroline in Biology 9: Biology Report - help with questions ... (0) quick release issues (1) 8: plant respiration (1) V: Excitability (0) A: Agriculture (0) C: Cells (0) bromothymol blue + Air (1) A: Leghæmoglobin and Rhizobium bacteria (0) Finding relationship (1) Carbohydrate turnover (5) 9: What gives the greatest CO2 emissions? (1) blood sugar (4) C: Chips are unhealthy (4) 9: Heredity Doctrine - Plants (2) B: Isolation of DNA (1) A: HELP! (1) 9: what plants grow in the desert? (3) direct oxygen measurement electricity. macrofauna (2) geomorphological Triangle (0) 9: Oxygen circuits (2)

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In addition, there is the advantage of the catalyst is that it is vulnerable to acid. The live bact

Haldor methanol Topsøe and DTU are the first been a catalyst to mimic the fermentation of sugar, which gives hope for more energy efficient production of chemicals. First product is lactic acid, which is an essential ingredient in biodegradable plastic. This discovery was published in Science Friday. By Mette Jensen Buck 29 April 2010 kl. 18:01
Researchers from Haldor Topsøe and DTU has taken the first decisive step towards more efficient and less energy-intensive production of substances which are currently produced by fermentation and used in industry to a large extent. For example, lactic acids used in biodegradable plastic and environmentally friendly solvents.
The scientists have managed to get a catalyst to mimic biological processes and convert sugar into lactic acid, which otherwise could only be done with biological methanol fermentation. The idea is that it can be extended to many other substances.
SEM (scanning electron microscope) images of catalyst crystals. With the naked eye it looks like a white powder, but zooms you in and look at it with SEM seen these little crystals and zoom in further seen micro pores of the crystals is 0.5-0.7 nm and the size of sugar molecules. It is inside these micropores that the catalytic activity takes place. Here is zeotyperne; A: Sn-Beta, methanol B: Ti-Beta and C: Zr-Beta. Photo: Haldor methanol Topsøe
"This is the first time one has been able to make a catalyst that can be the same as the biological processes. It is a paradigm shift for the time being has fermentation methanol been the only way you were able to do some selective of carbohydrates, but we can now do the same with a catalyst. And in the longer term, you might get develop some processes based on catalysis that are more economically viable and more productive than fermentation, "says Esben Taarning, a researcher at Haldor Topsøe and lead author of the article.
The first evidence that researchers can get a catalyst to make that biology, the production of lactic acid (2-Hydroxypropanoic) methanol used a variety of industries and is a necessary ingredient if the petroleum-based plastic that is used today, the replaced with an alternative.
"Lactic acid can be used to make biodegradable plastics and solvents, which are not toxic. The plastic also has a lot of good qualities and has the potential to replace a large part of the plastic that is produced from fossil resources today, "says Esben Taarning.
'The catalyst, which we use here are of the same material, which is used to convert oil into gasoline, but by changing the we've also got it to convert sugar into lactic acid. The zeolite is a solid catalyst composed of a whole bunch of tiny pores, so it has a huge surface where molecules can diffuse into, react and get out again, "says Esben Taarning. Converts glucose
Work began almost two years ago, when DTU researched to unmodified zeolite to convert simple sugars, which consists of only three carbon atoms, called C3-sugars, which is okay to do.
But it is far better to use the C6 sugars - known as glucose, which is more common and interesting to be able to transform. And it may be this catalyst. The catalyst may be fed with carbohydrates from biomass and the fermentation, which in particular uses glucose that is hydrolyzed from cornstarch.
"We have changed the zeolite by replacing some of the metals inside the pores, for example. titanium, zirconium and tin. This mitigated the zeolite acid properties and it made it possible for it to catalyze the very fragile sugar molecules to some products methanol it otherwise was not able to, "says Haldor Topsøe-researcher.
What happens is that the catalyst isomerize glucose to fructose, then cleaves fructose to dihydroxyacetone and glyceraldehyde, which further transforms into methyllaktat (lactic acid methyl ester). This may be distilled and purified to pure lactic acid. This is the same pathway as the biological processes also make use of and which, for example. occurs in muscles when they lack oxygen and 'acids'.
The end product is methyllaktat as the process is carried out in methanol and Esben Taarning points out that it is actually an advantage. The fermentation process is the result lactic acid, but here you transform it subsequently methanol methyllaktat order to purify it, but this step you avoid the catalyst, as it ends with methyllaktat.
In addition, there is the advantage of the catalyst is that it is vulnerable to acid. The live bacteria methanol that are used in fermentation, can not, however, tolerate all the acid they produce, methanol Esben Taarning. In fermentation neutralizes therefore with calcium to protect against acid, resulting in the fact that the industry produces a ton calcium for every ton of lactic acid to make. This release can, hence,

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Annette Vilhelmsen fan to fight against right-wing extremism

Do not close the Danish dumps | Information
By Rene Møller Rosendal
"According waste experts end up around 0.5 million. Tons of waste suitable for energy recovery at the Danish landfills each year. At this organic waste decomposition lubricant leaking lubricant methane slowly up the atmosphere at a level equal to a million. Tonnes of CO2 per year. If the waste was used as a fuel for electricity and heat production, avoided this release and saved there an emission lubricant of 300,000 lubricant tons of CO2 from coal-or lubricant oil-fired plants, "writes Information 23 September.
These two fractions are not characterized as biodegradable, contributing to methane emissions, also has since 1997 been allowed to deposit organic and combustible waste in the Danish landfills.
Before 1997, deposited large amounts of biodegradable waste, and there is still degradation processes resulting waste. But typically happens today is a production of methane gas, which is converted into electricity. An area from RenoSams engage in targeted efforts to address and minimize.
EPA estimates that if carried lubricant out a very thorough lubricant sorting of all landfill waste suitable, will be segregated in a quantity equal to about 10 per cent. of the total quantity of waste deposited. I.e., approx. 100,000 tons annually, which RenoSam think is way off the mark.
Per Jong Berg
Annette Vilhelmsen fan to fight against right-wing extremism
How we should see Skyler White as a bitch
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MFC is fibersturkturer the cellulose molecules in the range of 5-10 nm wide and up to several micro

Swedish development company can now produce super material nano-cellulose at a low price. The material can cause paper enough strength that you can fold a bulletproof vest and eat it afterwards. By Thomas Boel 28 September 2012 kl. 09:03
The strong cellulose molecule is like rebar in reinforced concrete, completely inside the small fibers that hold the wood together. The pure cellulose extracted by smashing cni and weed out everything else around, and that is the destruction Innventia has saved 98% of energy, explains Mikael Ankerfors.
Spectacular qualities have nano cellulose otherwise a part of. It may be mentioned that nanocellulosen cni is strong enough, you can make bulletproof vests of what biodegradable enough, you can throw it in the wild or eat it, and with a chemical addition can be made electrically conductive enough, you can make future electronics of it.
Nano Cellulose covers a range strong cellulose structures which are the residue after the pulp passed through homogenizers, and if one homogenizing milk. It is of wood pulp, what rebar for reinforced cni concrete in which the lignin (and other impurities in the pulp) is that the concrete. These strong fibers have been known and tried mined since the 1980s.
"But it took time astronomical amounts of energy cni to produce it. 30 MWh to produce a ton. Therefore, it was never commercialized at the time, "says Mikael Ankerfors, Research Manager for Innventia, to engineer.
To manufacture cni nano-cellulose by taking cellulosic materials (wood, it is most accessible) and remove all but the cellulose. In practical terms, it is made with a homogenizer under high pressure can only be the smallest fibers cni stay together, while the rest are discarded or get another turn. Based on the other hand floats an incredibly viscous cni gel which is filled with microfibrilleret nano cellulose (MFC), and it is this homogenization Innventia made easier by adding some enzymes that got it all to work well.
With further homogenization and strong acid hydrolysis can stand microfibers down to a nano crystal level. It etches simply the amorphous and therefore weak ties away from the crystal structure, while crossing high pressure, and this is where it changes its name to nanocrystalline cellulose. How cool is that?
The nano-cellulose, as Mikael Ankerfors doing in Sweden, is what we call microfibrillated nano cellulose or nanofibrilliret cni cellulose (NFC). MFC / NFC denotes the same and it should not be confused with nanocrystalliseret cellulose (NCC), which are potentially much cooler, or plain cellulose, despite the transparency must be attributed to be relatively impure and therefore not as cool.
MFC is fibersturkturer the cellulose molecules in the range of 5-10 nm wide and up to several microns long. The sheets of cellulose, Innventia cni produced by the MFC, can typically withstand a tensile strength cni of 200-250 gigapasca. Looking at tensile strength per. mass, making cni it MFC eight times stronger than stainless steel.
"But if you can get the small fibers to be fine in the same direction cni in the microstructure instead of helter-skelter, then we have (at KTH University in Stockholm) seen examples of paper that could withstand the double, ie 400 - 500 GPa, "says Mikael Ankerfors.
The biodegradability account the way for a great future in the food industry. According to Mikael Ankerfors will be able to replace starch and emulsifiers with a carbohydrate-poor alternative, nor will it be able to compete with biodegradable plastic. cni
Also as a barrier material will have a promising future, as it is very close to 100 percent oxygen impermeable. However, it is hydrophilic, and will therefore require protection against moisture, if it needs to maintain the strength. cni
Finally, one with a small chemical addition make nano cellulose electrically conductive, leading the electronics manufacturers such as Japanese Pioneer Electronics to create next generation flexible display of nano-cellulose, while IBM makes computer components cni of it.
"There are already some paper mills that assesses it economically viable to reinforce their paper on nano-cellulose, it also can be used to reinforce plastics. We will probably see in the next 1-2 years, "says Mikael Ankerfors.
So it may be profitable to low carrier bags are not made of plastic, it would be a huge benefit to the environment, perhaps even disposable glass.
Steel typically has a tensile strength of a few hundred MPa. It sounds a little violent that this material cni should be up to 500-1000x stronger cni at. unit area than steel. cni Especially when in the next sentence to read it to weight ratio is only 8x stronger than stainless steel. cni
Are we a factor of 1000 next here? Steel typically has a tensile strength of a few hundred MPa. It sounds a little violent that this material should be up to 500-1000x stronger at. unit area than steel. Especially when in the next sentence to read it to weight ratio is only 8x stronger than stainless steel.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Spanish designer Martin Azua has designed a biodegradable action dimension urn-the Bios Urn - m

See your waste grow | The Good Consumption
As a consumer society is waste a growing problem that in the past were regarded as outside corporate ansvarsområde.De recent years, several companies have begun to look at every stage of their product life cycle - from raw material to production, sales, consumption and finally BCM. It has made more companies are starting to develop their products so that they are biodegradable and have let not just the CO2 balance reaches zero - they also ensure that their products bring an even greener footprint so to speak.
Conceived by Dutch designer Christiaan Maaz, this tennis shoe from OAT exclusively made of natural materials som100% biodegradable cork and plastic, organic cotton and hemp. Besides a cool and sustainable design action dimension features shoes also wild flower seeds, so when you are ready to dispose of the shoes you can bury them in your backyard and watch them flourish. Can be purchased in Holland, Germany action dimension and Italy - see them here.
It is not an invitation to smoke, but rather a solution to minimize the amount of cigarette butts thrown into the wild. Greenbutts has developed a new technology to create cigarette filters which, when discarded serve as a small pot of flowers. Coded cigarette is manufactured using cotton and hemp, and bonded together by means of wheat flour and water.
The Spanish designer Martin Azua has designed a biodegradable action dimension urn-the Bios Urn - many of them are made from coconut shells and peat. In the urn, there are seeds from a tree. When ash is fed urn and buried will grow a tree, and in this way creates a new life that will be a home for birds, shade for a sweethearts or provide oxygen for all animals and people around it. Beautiful thought huh?
Have you already crunched the delicious stack of carrots you just bought, and you land in the vicinity and a good position patience to spare, well then do not hesitate to poke this grøntsagslabet here in the ground and wait for that grow more succulent roots up. Labet is made of cotton, action dimension printed with environmentally friendly ink and contains seeds of the same species as the vegetable you have purchased. I vision now they strike an every boring small paper bag of seeds. Read about them here.
Here is another biodegradable product - a biodegradable poncho from Spudcoat. The product is made of bioplastic which is extracted from potatoes and h vert poncho contains the seeds of either tomatoes or cucumbers and therefore a Spudcoats slogan:
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You now have the opportunity to purchase a license to build our beautiful houses. You get all that

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Agency for eco-friendly concept in dog shit collection for sale. Company with great potential sale due to time constraints with the owner / owners. A pretty good idea who IS in use and only waiting for the right person to run it. There are negotiated rights to Denmark, Scandinavia and Germany. Contacts have been established for various agencies in Denmark
You now have the opportunity to purchase a license to build our beautiful houses. You get all that's needed to get started, including sales literature, drawings etc.. - Everything is ready! Good housed ownership has more than 30 years providing quality housing for families in Denmark. Key words has ...
The whole concept, incl. following website, promotional materials, drawings, etc.. - In short, EVERYTHING is now sold. There are 98 municipalities in Denmark and many master craftsmen in each municipality with an annual license from just a fraction of them, you can quickly create you an excellent income. Good housed du pont ownership ha ...
Asking price: 1,995,000 DKK
Make money from day 1 Healthy trading company with several agencies, including several who have exclusive rights in Denmark. The company has been around for almost 5 years and have all year revenue grew. Turnover in 2012/2013 was approx. 3,7 mil. Book with more than 1,100 customers including many fixed and book ...
South Jutland
Last edited 23-07-2013
Business Form:
Reason for sale:
A fremdriftig type with a flair for business. Possibly. wholesaler with established distribution network, with contact with pet stores. In the case of a B2B market to be built in order to ensure profitability. With full time and focus can be on a year up work is an ok month income, and in the longer term, once the product is established, a significantly higher income.
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Walk in bathtubs prices Hosting a Tea Party Mud Wasp Nest Removal things to talk about with your

You wash your hands with soap to remove all dirt and infection that you have come in contact with. True infection is gone, but it has now been replaced by harsh chemicals that soap has occurred. So what good is it to clean your hands? That's why we have biodegradable soaps that are non-toxic, natural soaps, consisting of organic oils. Let us see in detail what is biodegradable soap, and what are the different biodegradable soap facts. What is Biodegradable Soap? A biodegradable soap is a cleaning agent that is naturally broken down over time. Walkers, ineos hikers and campers usually carry biodegradable or eco-friendly soaps with them so they do not affect the environment when they wash their clothes or body. These soaps are non-toxic ineos and and organic oils used to make these soaps are environmentally friendly and besides adding a nice scent to the soap, they also form part of a therapeutic bathing experience. These oils in the biodegradable soaps help you relax and soothe your aching body. Biodegradable soaps can also be used to bath babies, as no chemicals are used here. If people ineos suffering from certain ineos skin problems such as dry skin, or skin that is prone to pimples and so on, so it is recommended that biodegradable soaps may be used. These soaps are available in bars and also in the form of liquid. The liquid soaps easier for hikers or trekkers to carry around because they do not have access to bathing water everywhere. Now that you realize how important these soaps are, it will not be interesting to learn more about making homemade soap? I'm sure it will be. So let's see how we can do it. How to Make Biodegradable Soap Material; ineos olive oil (8 oz.), Oil of soya beans (16 oz.); Oil of coconut (8 oz.); Lye (4 oz.) Coffee (10 ounce), Thermometer, Weighing Machine, Protective Gloves and glasses, cooking pan, measuring cups, thick cloth Knife, Wax Paper, Container with lid (preferably plastic), a wooden spoon, and then you have gathered all the materials you need for the biodegradable soap? Now let's move on to see what are the procedures for making soap. Directions: First make sure you wear your protective goggles ineos and gloves to protect your eyes and hands, and then do one cup of coffee and put it in the fridge to cool, in the measuring cup, measure 7 ounces lye (many people use lye for soap making) and add the coffee to the One little advice here. While you are dealing with lye, make sure that you are in an open area as fumes from the lye, by inhalation, would be bad for our health, Keep the measuring cup to the side now, and at the moment let us concentrate on oil; The three types of oil that you have IE coconut, soy and olive, you put them together and heat it over a medium flame, and in the meantime, keep an eye on the temperature of the coffee and lye mixture does. The former will be warmed up due to the latter. So keep checking temperature until it reaches 100 to 110 degrees F, also heat the oil mixture to the same temperature. Use the thermometer to measure the proper ineos temperature, now mix these two mixtures and keep stirring them with a wooden spoon until they become a thick substance like honey; Now take your plastic container and pour the mixture into it and close the lid on the container and wrap it in a thick fabric, so keep it this way in the next 48 hours, 48 hours over? So now, open the lid and check if the soap is cured or not, you have to leave the container with the lid open for another 24 hours if the soap is still soft, Is your soap hard enough? - Super! Now take it out and put it on wax paper and cut into bars with a knife, here's a tip to make it smoother for you to cut soap, before ineos you use it, run just the knife under hot water, and you'll see how easily will you cut the soap, for the next 3 or 4 weeks the soap cure permit. , There, now you have your own, safe and natural, homemade biodegradable soap. These biodegradable soaps are not only good for your skin and clothes, but they are also eco-friendly. So the next time you buy a soap, so make sure you buy a biodegradable one or even better, make a home!
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