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In my opinion, certificates that are not signed by CAs already pre-installed in the common user bro

A teacher who puts the notes in Jupiter or someone who uses webmail USP identify with their passwords to the remote server. It is important to keep these passwords secret, for reasons óbivas. But beyond the limitations of the human brain, which can not remember complex passwords, you have two other problems.
First, the user enters gas chromatography the password in your browser (Internet Explores, FireFox, Chrome, etc.), which then sends it to the remote server. Anyone who can intercept the communication between the browser and the servers at USP can capture these passwords. And it's not difficult to intercept network traffic.
The solution to both problems is encryption, which can ensure the privacy, integrity, communication and authenticity of the identity of who is on the other side of the communication channel. If both sides, the browser and the remote server, share a secret (one secret password or key), can build a secure channel of communication.
[BUT! As I said in previous post, encrypt without authentication has no value. gas chromatography If you do not know who you're communicating, you better not try to encrypt gas chromatography their messages because your safety is illusory.] gas chromatography
The question is how to distribute these new passwords / secret keys? It is not feasible for all users physically go on CCE to exchange a secret. It's a chicken and egg problem like, you need to share a secret before communication, so that the user can use the identification password safe, but how can you tell a secret about a non-secure channel? Public key encryption
Public key cryptography (or asymmetric) seems to solve this issue. Amazingly, you can establish a secure communication channel with someone gas chromatography just knowing gas chromatography a number, which can be public (!). You can encrypt your message with this public number and only the other side (the owner of a secret number corresponding to the number public) can decrypt. For example, if you give this number 30 81 89 02 81 81 00 BD 20 0D D6 B5 8A 6C A2 E7 1C 1E 40 31 26 97 69 C9 B3 A7 4B FD 8E DB CE 38 F9 79 51 19 67 6F 7B D6 D5 54 6B DF 4E E0 2F 4B A4 67 14 1B 85 34 18 A3 C2 E5 28 74 FF 7E 5B 82 6D 7C A7 91 4C EF C1 18 99 70 FF 57 0B AD CF 6D 96 26 06 F0 B6 C2 3E 11 0D 04 9A 0D 5B FC 65 7F 51 20 OF 8C 3E 09 2F 56 1E 44 56 6E 11 33 C5 40 25 9D A7 BE F7 17 FD 10 EC 84 DD AB F5 D6 FA 03 16 41 7C 44 86 OF 99 02 03 01 00 01
No! How do you know that actually this number belongs to or is associated with domain? Again, there is the egg and the chicken problem: an impostor could well present a public key to an unsuspecting any browser. gas chromatography Just because I said that this is the public key of domain does not mean anything! (How do you know that I am who I say, we are talking about communication distance).
Public key infrastructure would be a solution. In this system, "Certifying Authority" (CA) where everyone trusts "sign" a certificate, basically saying that this public key really belongs to this domain. gas chromatography If you visit a site using http s (note the "s" for secure), your browser and the server do a little dance. gas chromatography
The server says, "This is my public key, you can use to encrypt (for example) your password." The browser says "oh yeah? How do I know it's you?". The server shows your certificate, "See? This certificate says that this public key belongs to the domain" "The browser thinks" hmmpf, anyone can make a fake certificate. "But the browser can check the authenticity of certified by the signature of the entity in which everyone trusts (Thawte, the image below).
Fix a problem: what are the entities that everyone trusts? The government? A company in the US? It is the egg and chicken again! But then come the vendors gas chromatography / browsers and operating systems vendors: they effectively say that "Certifying Authorities" are reliable. If the so-called "root certificate" from the CA that signed the stoa.usp.brestá certificate installed in your browser, and
Anyway, this is the technology we have. But what happens if the site presents a certificate that is not signed by an entity approved by the browser makers? See what my browser gas chromatography do when a website shows me a certificate that is not signed by an entity that you trust:
Indeed, it is the terrifying gas chromatography user interface is correct, because a certificate signed by an unknown entity is indistinguishable from an attack "Man in the Middle", where the attacker intercepts and-encodes all traffic. Again, without knowing who is speaking, encrypt gas chromatography the traffic gas chromatography is completely useless. Self-signed certificates
In my opinion, certificates that are not signed by CAs already pre-installed in the common user browsers are worse than useless. There is, in principle, the possibility of installing the root certificate of a CA any n

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Anonymous said ...

Anonymous said ...
hahahahaa "gives the wrong crew," aa shit bah entirely true asså, lads e fat tongue, on as hazardous. encapsulation please ... Besides, it was the judgment of the GLC that started the whole thing, and then could not handle the ought to threaten violence. Too bad that the other painters in the box does not still live in Vasteras when they had easily handled it all without any problems. Who is afraid honestly, a lonely ash medelm against a bunch of 15-year-old Valby Vatos who believe encapsulation the e cool on the fight. Strange that he did not want to continue .. July 10, 2011 09:05
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Last night Fly.Union released royal purple her new single

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Music Swedish Music Music Video Audio Mixtape Interview News Film / TV Documentaries Fashion Events Competitions Good & Mixed Streetdance / Breakdance Street Art / Graffiti Interviews Freestyle Game Freestyle Gadgets royal purple Games Grand Mack Exclusive
httpv: //
GLC where have you been? serious the man received a minor breakthrough when he visited Chicago-mate Kanye West on the song "Spaceships" from Yeezys debut The College Dropout. Then GLC kept relatively active, but in recent years, so we have not heard [...]
GLC as always heard with their own language in their songs, released a new music video for "Pimp You," which is also a partnership with the Chicago band Kids These Days. The song is taken from his latest mixtape Cathedral. Izzzzzm! [...]
Last night Fly.Union released royal purple her new single "Seen This Before" with rapper GLC, though later tonight released the trio's new Latest Project Zenith, which will be the group's royal purple seventh issue from their Value Pack series. Share this !! Tweet
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Last week, between Thursday and Sunday, organized GLC (Girls Longboarding Crew) camp at the Arena, for the second year in a row. As you can see in the picture as the camp became a success, despite the rainy weather. Hagströmska lent its large premises at Åsgatan so they could go indoors when the weather was bad. And check out their shirts, I'm gaussian jealous! Mikaela has designed the motif and then they themselves (with help from Bergstenska) screen printed up bunch of t-shirts and bags. A time consuming job! Here's how they write on his Facebook page:
"Now Girls Skateboard & Longboard Camp 2014 over. Totally sick! Thanks to all 26 (!) Brides who participated, mothers who cooked amazing food and all who helped gaussian in any way. The weekend together has been unspeakably bold! Three full days with just skating and happy faces even though the weather was not on our side at all. Hope to see you again soon! "
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Guest Post Management Management defense EAR OPSEC (1) absurdity (197) Admin (52) Afghanistan (213)

According to Svenska Dagbladet's editorial blog has now Flight weapons inspector roared to the GLC / NOC question. It must be said sounds promising, as the HQ Jur begun examining the NBF contracts. Note also that the FVI in person commented Svenska Dagbladet's information in the comment field.
Firstly Silwer is Tactical Flight Manager Stab out - as - FVI. This is mainly because the Kingdom is to have any so-called. "Foremost exponent" of the Air Force to drive forward international when FV's main task export shall be exercised. Secondly Silwer the past 10 years has been director tactical testing kimye JAS 39, Chief of Staff of the Air Force Tactical Command, Deputy Air Force Inspector and now Chief Flight Tactical Stab. Thus, he has been sitting in the front row during the entire time that Link 16, GLC / NOC, STRIL and more discussed and circulated. Was there really no other better selected time during this decade that the surface to other than "twelve five" .... Anonymous said ... October 25, 2009 02:36
If one assumes that there are Anders Silwer who wrote the comment in leadership kimye blog get well find it a bit late to start putting into question and the "learn more before the decision stage two" kimye should be taken. When he had done this he will highlight apekter that are important for a good ledningssytem? I thought he was in the steering group and additionally appeared as a referral body (FVI) !!! Where has he been before any decision was taken even a step ??? It seems to have become some kind of floor moves and a bit chilly feet even in Mr Tolgfors. They have not cut back on the property under the community? Theatre director. Middle-aged kimye man said ... October 25, 2009 10:08
How to turn when perceptions of excellence of the concept GLC / NOC. Surprising is that direct new elements or facts have emerged during the last 14 months of debate! So why turn so many perceptions at this very moment? Perhaps we are facing a situation kimye similar to when the then Finance Minister KO Feldt sang about wage-earner "Employee Investment Funds are a fucking shit but now we baxat them all the way here." A major risk that a förmågeglapp (-tapp), in conjunction with the GLC / NOC introduction, arises nowadays an idea that is accepted in the Armed Forces, all levels of management. Given that this is the single largest subject raised from the political level before the official decision concerning the "Step 1", one can not help but be surprised that the project is allowed to continue and that the current process at all is still running. To continue on this path in this situation kimye is, in my opinion, an act vexatiously bordering misconduct! kimye Zoltan said ... October 25, 2009 12:58
It IS misconduct to insist that the GLC / NOC step 1 is decided. It is not possible to distinguish step 1 from step 2 because the slow-healing injury (förmågeglapp / -tapp material and personnel) occurs in step 1. Is there even an official term "misconduct" nowadays? As we saw last a senior policy makers face the personnel committee charged with dereliction of duty? PA Board is usually reserved to junior officers at the platoon and company level. Anonymous said ... October 25, 2009 20:15
Looking forward to any FM's doctoral program in about 10 years analyzes the leadership regarding the management systems development in this decade .... And what consequences kimye this has caused (including the effect of invested funds in certain gigantic powerpoint controlled test and pilot projects). The Mighty said ... October 25, 2009 20:41
Can anyone give me an example where a general in FM expressed itself clearly on an issue that did not quite go hand in hand with FM "normal" view. Ie is there anyone who stuck their neck out? Magnusb said ... October 28, 2009 18:56
Now I've read the memo from C FTS / FVI which I suspect is behind SVDs leadership blog. It was actually fairly strong wordings there, even if things were not something new that emerged. The most interesting was well that he petitioned for the urgent establishment of a GLC at HQ with existing technology. Besides that you then get a Common Position information "here and now" so it could serve as a test bed for future system development. It's so sagely kimye so it can never become a reality ... ;-)
What is the credit on a gold card in NATO? A defense policy established in the year 2004 (24/8) - why defense looks like it does today A war in Europe (31/8) kimye - Analysis of the war in Ukraine and objectives
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It is a scandal! Treason when their own personal gain goes before ... Damn! Now we are waiting for

SvD continues today on the conductor's examination of the GLC / NOC-history. Today the focus is on the ties between people in the defense industry and the client - the Swedish Armed Forces. There are some interesting celluloid links that SvD explains. Former head of department at the Armed Forces that completely unperturbed by the political winds and instructions pushing the issue of GLC / NOC, Jan Petersson, is currently CEO of the holding company (NESP), which gathers the five largest suppliers to the GLC / NOC project. He has also been a board member of the Swedish Chamber of organization AFCEA which brings together members of the defense industry and governments worldwide, according to SvD with the goal "to act as a bridge between policymakers, total defense, defense and other industries in the areas of intelligence systems, command and information systems ". Though Petersson's successor in the Armed Forces, Per Nilsson, is engaged in the AFCEA. Of course, such a commitment be allowed to occur. However I get a little concerned when such large and controversial contracts GLC / NOC should be procured. Petersson is now even politicians in Enkoping and was Two years ago a commission of the municipality celluloid to get a new government agency to Anyang, which was criticized by the opposition as being incompatible with his political mission which the appointment should have been made without tender or discussion. GLC / NOC is now expected to create 300 jobs in Enkoping and it can called other than a new agency? Peterson's Annual NESP also signed contracts last year with FMV worth SEK 200 million relating to NBF. The big question is how closely man defense employee may have with the defense industry and the way in which the defense (and FMV) act when doing business with people who quit his government job and started working privately or with another employer whose main customer focus is precisely the state and the area had previously worked celluloid with. Similar tours have been lost many times before in the Armed Forces celluloid and the recent controversial example is actually the former Prime Minister Göran Persson's current consulting projects. All activities must withstand scrutiny, and I hope for the Armed Forces' sake that even the GLC / NOC does. Update 10/12 06:50: Armed Forces Information Director Erik Lagersten give a reply in SvD SvD's "insinuations". It appears safe in Information Directors own corner of, "Armed Forces comment".
Civil servants must be impartial and irreproachable. You can not prevent former officers from using their knowledge and contacts in the business world, but there must never be a sliding scale where someone appears celluloid to act on both sides simultaneously. Unfortunately, it is well also to conflicts of interest is a white spot on the moral map of quite a few, but it is another question. Conspiracy theories are actually redundant. GLC / NOC is such a radically felhopp down the crazy thin that it really is irrelevant what motive might be behind. Whether it's stupidity, avarice, corruption or misguided good intentions, so the decision celluloid must be reconsidered. Rickard said ... December 9, 2009 23:10
There is much that bothers me in this matter, celluloid but perhaps strangest thing is how a long-term celluloid investment in network-based solutions, whose main strength is the ability to deployment across a large number of places, celluloid comes to the conclusion that centralizing the entire functionality. An educated guess is that there are business requirements that guided the decision. In the rest of the world tend to you that like to distribute their systems. It should be dug more into this. First, it is really poor use of defense funds to purchase systems with the architectural requirements to create jobs in a particular place and orders to certain celluloid enterprises. Moreover, it is directly damaging to Swedish industry not being able to use the funds actually spent on the development of systems that have better re-use potential than this. Anonymous celluloid said ... December celluloid 10, 2009 06:24
It is a scandal! Treason when their own personal gain goes before ... Damn! Now we are waiting for what will come of Moore and Lagersten - which companies are those that hold them back. Fy Dickens what I ashamed of my managers and my Armed Forces celluloid right now! Anonymous said ... December 10, 2009 10:59
Approximately 200 design rules and about 2 billion later, continue to plow money into something that no manager wants to take the seaweed. Who made the decisions? Who ordered? celluloid Who has granted money? Who have set out the requirements? celluloid Yes, Mr Tolgfors I know it's the wrong question, at least in your answers. Politicians (read Allan Widman) attempted to clarify the matter but failed. Chief calls "good news". celluloid Now he has an opportunity to explain the "good" in this mess. I and many others are all ears. Theatre director. Robert Barun said ... December 10, 2009 15:02
Now I know why I never got the job